Author Robert Hoff
Updated 28 November 2018

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MPhil Reports, 2011-12

Deliverables making up my degree

Smartphones / Android Programming

Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Computers report1-mobile-computers.pdf
Mobile Data Access report2-mobile-data-access.pdf
Mobile Sensors report3-sensors.pdf
Mobile I/O Interfaces report4-interfaces.pdf
Cloud Computing report5-cloud-computing.pdf
Windows Mobiles report6-windows-mobiles.pdf
Power as a Finite Resource report7-power.pdf

Programming practical: Geomessaging practical1-geomessaging.pdf
Programming practical: Media-player practical2-media-player.pdf
Programming practical: Tricorder practical3-tricorder.pdf
Programming practical: Physics World practical4-physics-world.pdf

Human-computer Interaction

The Model Human Processor report1-model-human-processor.pdf
Video Augmented Environments report2-video-augmented-environments.pdf
Interfaces report3-interfaces.pdf
Ubiquitous Computing report4-ubiquitous-computing.pdf
Virtual Reality report5-virtual-reality.pdf
Affective Computing report6-affective-computing.pdf
Interfaces and Emotions report7-infering-emotions.pdf

Advanced topics in Computer Science - Review Papers

Virtual Memory Management in the VAX/VMS Operating System review1-vax-vms.pdf
Machine-Independent Virtual Memory Management for Paged Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Architechtures review2-mem-management-multiprocessors.pdf
The Multikernel: A new OS architecture for scalable multicore systems review3-multikernel-os-architecture.pdf
AC: Composable Asynchronous IO for Native Languages review4-asynchronous-io.pdf
A Comparison of Software and Hardware Techniques for x86 Virtualization review5-x86-virtualization.pdf
Bugs as Deviant Behaviour: A General Approach to Inferring Errors in System Code review6-inferring-code-errors.pdf
The Google File System review7-google-file-system.pdf
BigTable review8-google-big-table.pdf
MapReduce: Simplifed Data Processing on Large Clusters review9-mapreduce.pdf
DTHREADS: Efficient Deterministic Multithreading review10-deterministic-multithreading.pdf

Network Analysis and Data-centric Computing

Signed Networks in Social Media report1-signed-networks.pdf
Analysing Epinions Signed Network Data report2-epinions-network-data.pdf
Networking Named Content networking-named-content.pdf
Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing parallel-data-processing.pdf

Research Skills

Research Skills, Experimental Methods experimental-methods.pdf
Graphing using R graphing.pdf
Paper Summary: A Butterfly Subdivision Scheme for Surface Interpolation with Tension Control summary-subdivision-scheme.pdf