Author Robert Hoff
Updated 28 November 2018

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3D Rendering with OpenGL (using Java = JOGL)

3D rendering Ludo board

The board rendering shown uses approximately the same setup as my other 3D Demos. Source files are available here

Included files

Adaption of branding used by Ethos Studios


GIG logo - Gaming Innovation Group



Implemented with JOGL

pom.xml  <-- maven dependencies (uses org.jogamp.gluegen and org.jogamp.jogl v2.3.2)
src > main >
  java > gltrials >
                paths >
                        <-- objects for path-segment definitions
                           calculations and transforms, supplies vertex data
                          to the OpenGL renderers
                rendering >
                           <-- various OpenGL tests; basics, wireframes, etc.
                                     <-- shows the GIG demo recorded above
                      <-- Ethos demo in the video above

          <-- GL runloop and event listener, passes the drawable GL object to the
                                        renderer examples



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